• Television Advertising

    This 30-second television advertisement for Spot A Shark USA was produced for the North Carolina Aquarium. Keva Creative can provide your business or organization with advertising solutions that create an impact, emote a response and drive results. Let us make a difference in your advertising message.

  • Leverage Your Place in the Market

    Beau Coast, an ideal-Living community, is a unique gem on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina. Preston Development recently announced Streamline Developers as their exclusive builder for the coastal community located in historic Beaufort, NC. Let us help you leverage your business or organization in your market.

  • Personal Brand Films

    Personal profiles are the best way to leverage your personal brand story with clients. For REALTOR® Kathy Calling, a personal brand profile allows her to emotively connect with potential buyers and sellers. A cinematic short film differentiates you from your competition. Any business can benefit with personal brand profiles on your website. Let us develop yours.

  • Create a Sense of Place

    Summerhouse on Everett Bay exudes the coastal lifestyle. Just 10 minutes from toes in the sand, the community has a charm and uniqueness to match its chill groove. Summerhouse is sure to have you longing for summer breezes, a lime in your beverage and a nibble on your hook. Why not create a sense of place for your business or organization. We can help!

  • The Overview to Establish Your Brand Story

    Ten years ago, digital marketing was an afterthought. Today, it’s the primary differentiator. The rise of digital technology, social media and instant access means businesses and organizations are visible anywhere, at any time and from any device. The need and demand for brand messaging that connects strategically, emotionally and authentically is more crucial than ever.

  • Organizational Initiatives

    A short form documentary is an excellent way to introduce a new initiative for your organization or nonprofit. This is another of KEVA Creative's award-winning films.

  • Establish Your Brand Story

    KEVA Creative specializes in creating visual stories that humanize organizations. Helping you develop your brand story allows your brand story to come alive in a way that is authentic, engaging and inspiring. Take a look at StoryQuest and see if you don't agree this calling card says more than words alone ever could.

  • Marketing and Advertising

    Summerhouse on Everett Bay, located on the coast of North Carolina near historic Wilmington, wanted to feature the Crows Nest Cottage in a new Marketing and Advertising campaign. What better way to highlight this immaculate waterfront home and let potential clients know even Hurricane Florence can't keep a great coastal community from showing off its casual beach lifestyle!

  • The Power of the Brand Story

    Video promotion is 600% more effective than print and 60% of website visitors will first watch a video before reading any text. Your customers are demanding video and your competitors are either using video or will be soon. KEVA Creative's personalized brand videos are the most powerful way to leverage brand engagement and should be your primary marketing medium.

  • Digital Marketing Campaigns

    Consider how much more engaging your brand story would be on film. KEVA Creative knows powerful visuals evoke emotions that drive deeper and more profound engagement. It’s also an investment in your business that provides value and a strong ROI while taking your digital marketing to a new level.

  • Leverage Engagement With Multi-Use Videos

    The rise of digital technology, social media and instant access means businesses and organizations are visible anywhere, at any time and from any device. Short 30 second "vignettes" are great for social media and they tell a story in place of bad, in-your-face, local television advertising.

  • Two Perspectives For One Vision

    Another example from EvenTide that shows a different perspective and point of view. These two EvenTide videos help establish the brand story for this development and lets potential clients know how special a place EvenTide is.

  • Staff Engagement Videos Connect

    Staff engagement films are a perfect way to connect with customers, while allowing for a more personal interaction with your business.

  • The Power and Necessity of a Strong Overview

    Every organization can benefit from an overview video of their organization, and nothing is more powerful than the organic experience expressed by someone who's gained value from the services or experience your organization provides.

  • Stewards of Your Story

    Consider this... research and statistics show if your competitors aren't using video to market their business or service offerings, you can bet they are considering it. What about you? Are you ready to make a profound difference in your digital marketing strategy? If so, call, write or text to begin a conversation about KEVA Creative's innovative ways to leverage your brand story.

  • Powerful Social Media Content Solutions

    One month after the launch of Community Moment, video engagement on Facebook increased by 1,864%. Wow!

  • Multi-leverage video content for social media

    Video prompts shares - and social video generates 1,200% more shares than text and images combined. The TrailBlazers series is a perfect example of shorter, social friendly videos extracted from interviews we filmed for the TrailMark overview video. Contact us to see how we can leverage your videos across many platforms.

  • Food is Everything!

    At Westminster Woods on Julington Creek, Food is Everything! Director of Dining Services, David Graham, talks about the special place food has in resident's lives and his philosophy for creating a dining experience that exceeds resident's expectations. Short videos like this are a great way to bolster your website and social media while providing authentic and endearing content.

  • Differentiators That Make Your Business Unique

    You may think your brand story is about your business or organization, but think again. Your brand story, at its core, is about your customers. Your set of beliefs, and the meaning and purpose of your business make up the values that become the differentiators your customers associate with when making the choice to entrust you and your company with their patronage.

  • The Power of Story

    This award-winning short form documentary video shows the emotive power of story. Kelsi Young lived 308 days, but her legacy is far reaching.

  • Employee Engagement

    Employee profiles put a human face on your organization and are also powerful recruitment and retention tools.

  • KEVA Creative Aerial Reel

    Imagine what a dramatic difference aerial cinematography can make to your story!