What folks have to say about KEVA Creative.

“The videos looked great and told the story perfectly. We reviewed our competitor's videos online and KEVA's work blows everyone else out of the water. Thanks for the fantastic work!”  Dan Croft, ruckus advertising + pr 


"They are master storytellers. We appreciate their professionalism and expertise while they worked on our project."  David and Jilynn Parmly, Island House


"Drop the mic. Freakin awesome!!! You guys are amazing!"  Carrie Davis, Summerhouse on Everett Bay


"KEVA Creative did wonderful work for my company. They put a lot of time and thought into understanding what InnerQuest was about. They produced a video that really captured the heart and soul of what I was trying to communicate. They were both highly professional and easy to work with from start to finish!"  Dr. Jonathan Gross, InnerQuest


"Working with KEVA Creative is a unique experience as they have a remarkable talent for storytelling through video. They are able to unveil the true essence of a person or event in a truly compelling manner allowing the audience to connect with the story on a very authentic level."  Kathy Garrett-Lacivita, Brunet-Garcia Advertising


"I’ve been impressed every time I’ve worked with KEVA Creative. They take the time to understand your work and reflect it in the final project. I believe they have captured the essence of our program in the work they produced."  AyoLane Halusky, Master Naturalist


"Working with KEVA Creative could not have been a better experience. Terry and Cher made the process as smooth as it could be, adapted to our schedules, worked well with all of our team members individually and collectively. It was truly a very enjoyable experience and we plan to work with them much more in the future."  Jordan Maroules, Streamline Developers


"If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. Everyone loves it!"  Dr. Elliott Rosenbaum, Psy. D., The American School of Professional Life Coaching


"To effectively share a story you have to share a vision. The only way to get to that place is by being vulnerable and open to each other's creative energy. KEVA Creative's ability to collaborate in this way is what makes them a great partner."  Susan Masucci, ruckus advertising + pr


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Two Perspectives, One Vision

Sharing common threads that connect them in life as well as their art, Terry and Cher Brown's work reflects two very unique perspectives that come together to create one single vision. The melding of these two creative individuals is KEVA Creative.


We look forward to getting to know you. It is within the collaborative process that we will together find a powerful story to share with the world. Until then, here's a little more about us.

Terry’s Story

Filmmaker | Editor | Storyteller

Somewhere buried in storage, is a brittle 8mm reel of the first short-form documentary I produced showing the effects of pollution for a sixth-grade play. I guess you could call it the genesis of my filmmaking and it serves as one of the roots in my foundation as a storyteller.

Filmmaking was part of my curriculum in college as was photography and creative writing. I’ve always loved the creative process, regardless of shape or form and as a result, I have a very diverse skill set that I have called upon throughout my career.

My road has taken many a turn – in the business world with a Fortune 100 company, as a journalist, public relations professional and in health care marketing and communications. In each of these various experiences, I’ve worked to integrate my storytelling abilities and use cinematography as my primary medium.

As a filmmaker, my greatest desire is to tell stories in the most beautiful way possible and to provide the greatest production value for our clients. This is not measured just by quality images and sound alone. The editing process is when and where the story comes to fruition… the ultimate culmination of creativity and collaboration. It is an exciting moment when the story comes together, music is matched to the style of the story and we create a project that exceeds the expectations of the client.

Cher’s Story

Aerial Cinematographer | Producer | Photographer

I am happy to say that I’m a “late bloomer” with an enormous capacity to reinvent myself in new and exciting ways with every step of my journey. Filmmaking evolved naturally from my professional photography work. At a point when many of my peers and colleagues are starting to dial back their professional careers, I’m now stepping forward in another process of discovery and a path to express my creativity through film and documentary work.

What I didn’t expect in this process was to get my FAA Small Unmanned Pilot Certification earlier this year. I’ve always been a right brain, creative girl - and following a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) curriculum never interested me in the least! Regardless, I spent countless hours in the classroom and out in the field becoming a subject matter expert on commercial drone piloting. I’m excited to put my general aviation knowledge to work and have fun creating stunning aerial imagery at the same time!

Whether you call it “reinvention” or “reintegration”, there is a powerful accumulation of knowledge and creativity rooted in earlier chapters and activities in my life. Combined with the newly acquired skills, I believe my greatest work is yet to come. As my Mother always said,…“better late, than never.”