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Our award-winning, storytelling approach creates films that are real and intimate. KEVA Creative has a long-held fascination with the role and impact storytelling has on culture and our society. You could say we are passionate practitioners, sharp observers, and media-obsessed learners of all things related to story and brand integration.


As an independent video production studio, KEVA Creative offers services for organizations, corporate marketing and communication teams, and agencies in need of producing visual content for themselves or their respective clients that integrates with their overall digital strategy. We love collaborating with internal teams and other agencies that need to expand or extend their service offerings and are looking for brand storytelling experts.


And when a client wants to add a truly unique perspective to their story, KEVA Creative can soar above it all with aerial imagery tastefully integrated into a production. We are FAA Part 107 Certified, and insured. What does this mean to clients? For starters, you have the utmost confidence you've hired a commercial drone pilot who will always put safety first and adhere to all laws and regulations concerning commercial drone operation and use. 


This is not only for the sake of public safety, but also to mitigate any risk to you. How is that so, you might ask? It is important to note the FAA holds the pilot legally responsible for the safety of the drone in use, and the person who hires them as well. If you were to hire a drone pilot who is not FAA certified, both you and the drone pilot are subject to fines, especially if something were to go wrong. Why take that risk? If you have questions or concerns about hiring a drone pilot commercially, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Our corporate focus includes: internal and external communication, B2P marketing and advertising, philanthropic, and fundraising content.



We also have a passion for documentary film work and currently have a long-form documentary in production with the working title Dead Without Dying. The film seeks to expose this form of child abuse which we believe to be a social pandemic, and inform and support parents who are targets of Parental Alienation and the family court system that is unwittingly duped by an often narcissistic alienating parent.


Research in 2016 found an estimated 22 million adults in the U.S. alone, to be targets of Parental Alienation, which is defined as a covert form of emotional child abuse where the custodial parent systematically belittles and vilifies the other parent to psychologically manipulate a child(ren) into exhibiting unwarranted fear, disrespect and hostility towards the non-custodial parent - often to the point of severing what was once a loving parent/child relationship. KEVA Creative looks forward to our continuing work on this important documentary film and are always looking for others who would like to partner with us in this effort.



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